Kieran Murray

Idea Blender // People Lover // Word Slinger // Movie Maker // Design Thinker

WELCOME TO MY KITCHEN. Here's what I'm cooking with.

CURIOSITY. Exploring different mediums, engaging diverse audiences. This desire to know and be known is my firestarter.

COURAGE. Drawing from the heat of the flame, despite the risks. Sometimes this means being wrong or failing. I believe the path to a perfect brisket is usually lined with a few burnt burgers.

RAT POISON. Surprise! But seriously, it’s important to always consider the unexpected. It’s also what keeps the classics tasting fresh.

LOVE. Your grandma’s favorite ingredient. If the meal isn’t about sharing something valuable and fun with the people it’s being cooked for… then let’s just forget the whole thing and go to McDonald’s.

If you're interested in working together, drop me a line!